Tie & Tease. Become my sexual plaything.


First I slap him around a bit, soften him up like. I'll tie him up, or down, hogtie him. Being restrained heightens the senses, a blindfolds adds an extra level of arousal.

I take complete control of his ability to orgasm. I edge him so close he wants so badly to explode. But I don't allow him to cum, not until I decide he can. So I pull him back at the last minute.

This teasing & edging is a head fuck for him and a pleasure for me. My control over him is one of the (many) reasons I love Tie&Tease.

If I'm feeling extra cruel I may finish session with it denied of orgasm.

Understand this!

Your body, your cock, are mine. To do with what I want.

In session you are my sexual plaything.

Get it?