Session Music...

For those of you who session with me you'll know that music is a very important part of session and that I chose my songs carefully. They must be sensual, sexy, dark, edgy. Why? Because these are the elements that make up my play sessions. 

So here are two of my current song choices.

The Gotan Project with Whatever Lola Wants - this ones got a boring You Tube advert so skip it as adverts suck. It's a crappy video but the songs got an awesome beat. There's a bit of the lyric which I really like - it says:

" You're no exception to the rule. I'm irresistible you fool. Give in"

Which is me. I'm Irresistible.

The XX - Intro. Oh my God this song is so fucking hot. So sensual and raw. Mmmm. Turn it up on your stereo bitches!