So long BackPage, and thanks for all the fun!

I’m very saddened (& very angry) that BackPage has been shut down. BackPage was truly the best place for submissive and kinky men into fetish and fem-dom play to find a Mistress in London. Being a (fucking awesome) Pro-Domme, I connected with some wonderful slaves and submissives and had some excellent domination play sessions over these last years. So it really is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to BackPage, and to all those crazy, kinky, slutty submissives who I played with, it was a blast!



Forced Chastity & Edging…

For those who haven’t done this type of cock / orgasm play, I throughly recommend it. It really is 🔥🔥🔥! Being in enforced chastity, with your cock caged up and it wanting to be so hard and being completely unable to get what it wants. The frustration of being horny as hell and not being allowed to get solid mixed with the rising pleasure of the edging makes for a mind blowing session. Edging and forced chastity is an ultimate form of orgasm control. Throw in a some ball busting, slapping and squeezing, and you’ve got a delicious pleasure and pain domination session.

 Nice work Divine-Bitches!

Nice work Divine-Bitches!

Cock Sucker!

yum and more yum. 


I like what this lady is doing, the position she got her greedy strap on sucking slut in. It's hot. I like to watch my cock gobbling sluts too, nothing quite like thrusting deep into a sub bitches mouth. 

Chastity, have you?

For those of you who haven't worn a chastity device while playing, I'd highly recommend that you do. I had one the other night, he was in a wonderful metal chastity cage, from the moment session started. The pleasure and pain, (discomfort) of feeling so fucking aroused and at the same time that precious cock of his not being able to get as hard as it really fucking wanted to. Such a pleasure...So if you haven't already, do it, do some chastity play. 





Edging + Bondage = ❤️

Yes Yes! This is very hot! ❤️ how this hot chick has got him tied up tight. I do this. I get them in bondage (ropes or wrap). I tie their cock and balls up nice and tight. Thus making them completely helpless. I might sit on their face as I stroke their cock. It's a pleasure to see the balls become darker and darker blue, to see their cock straining out from the ropes. I ❤️to hear my man whimper and groan as I edge him over and over and over. Until finally, when I've decided we're ready, I force him to cum - and what an orgasm it is! 


Milked Dry!

I ❤️ what she's doing - very hot! I ❤️❤️ mummifying my men in wrap and then playing with their cocks as there's nothing they can do about it! So sexy. When they're all bound up like this I force milk them multiple times, edging them over and over and over. Oh my does it fuck them up. Ha! Good times.


Because sex toys aren't just for girls! 👠 👠

Mmmm all tied up with nowhere to go - how I love bondage and edging together - especially when using a vibrating toy! The intensity of the toy and the tight ropes - my boys are light-headed by the time they leave me. So I had one the other day who wanted ruined orgasms - well the first ruined cum (by hand) he shot his load by the gallon! I didn't stop though, no way, onto round two. I got it hard again and using the vibrator I kept the machine on his cock until I ruined a second orgasm - this being nearly as loaded as the first. By now he's begging me to stop, but where would be the fun in that? I got the fucker hard again and using the toy milked the last bit of cum from him, leaving him totally and utterly dry. Such a pleasure!


Very Sexy Edging Gif... 🔥 🔥

Yeah I love this Gif! Oh my. Very sexy. I do this on my edging sessions. I play around a little, tease his cock a lot. With me there’s no moving away from the stroking. No way to resist my relentless cock and ball teasing. I don't stop. I keep stroking until I get what I want - a stammering, squirming creature who I milk dry after I've edged him right until he can take no more.



🔥🔥🔥🔥 more sexy, strong women (and fucked up men) by the awesome Eric Stanton. 

Beautiful Things...

I've just received these delicious silk knickers and a wonderful suspender belt from a devotee.

I'm very happy.  

🎁 + ðŸŽ= ðŸ˜Š


Cum Baby Cum Baby Baby Cum Cum

So! You wanna experience a whole body sensation? You wanna be hard again instantly so you can ride that wave of pleasure for another time? Yeah? Good. So, then you need an extended orgasm. This, my friends, is when you cum without cumming. In this industry it's also termed a ruined orgasm and is often seen as a negative, but actually it's a fucking awesome thing.

There's an article about it here, about the benefits of such play.