The In & Out

Short, sweet and to the point. Here there's no talking, no niceties. This is hard and fast play.

The plan is this...I tie you up. I tease you. I edge you. I fuck you up a little.

I may let you cum, dunno, depends on how I feel.

I kick you out.

The Bad Boy

The Bad Boy is for adventurers who love to explore pain and pleasure. 

Whipping, face slapping, ball busting...

This play is for men, not for mice.

Cheval Noir 

 In real life the Dark Horse is the shy guy with a secret edge. The Dark Horse dreams of losing control, of pushing his limits, unshackling himself from his societal persona. When a Dark Horse sessions with me they walk taller. It's our secret that puts that edge in you. That edge you so desire.

The Ultimate Sub

The Ultimate Sub does my chores, it runs me a bath, sits at my feet, paints my toenails, it dotes on me. The Ultimate Sub is my collared footstool. It knows his place. Its happiness depends on my pleasure.