Fucking up men is always a pleasure, never a chore.

Who are you Francesca? 

My mother is from Devon, my father Barbados. I was born, raised and educated in London but have travelled widely and lived in many places, from sleepy backwater villages in Andalusia to the high rise chaos of Hong Kong.

What are your statistics?

I'm 5'7" without shoes, size 8 dress and size five feet.

What is your Domme background?

I trained under Mistress Domatella, one of London's most experienced dungeon, school room and medical Mistress'. With over ten years of being a professional Dominatrix, Domatella is passionate and committed to providing excellent BDSM experiences. I'm honored to have such a wonderful and talented woman as my mentor, and friend.

Have you always been dominant?

Yes. My maternal grandmother was a dominant woman. She was the matriarch of the family. Growing up close to her she taught me many values: good manners, respect and honesty, alongside the importance of having strength, independence, self belief, courage and confidence.

I get what I want in life because I'm not afraid, of life itself, or of asking for what I want. 

What's your favourite types of play?

Edging. I fucking love edging. It's so awesome to get the mother fucker right on the edge. Tie and Tease rocks. Tying them up so they can't move? Ha! As the children's rhyme goes...will you walk into the parlour? said the spider to fly? And face slapping. I like to give it a couple of quick, sharp slaps. That puts it in its place. 💜 Oh, and of course, ball busting and cock squeezing.


Where do you play?

I play from a dungeon and a sexy private apartment, both minutes from Kings Cross. In the dungeon the sling and whipping bench are perfect for PEGGING. The whipping bench and cross are perfect for TIE & TEASE and EROTIC PLAY. The apartment is for those who want PEGGING, TIE & TEASE and EROTIC PLAY in a sexy lifestyle setting.

I understand, respect & am interested in your fantasies. I 💙 being part of your desires.

Where are you located?

Kings Cross, St Pancras. Zone one on the tube and a five minute walk from the underground, mainline and international stations.

When are you available for sessions? 

I session from ten till late Monday to Friday. Weekends by appointment only.