pretty in pink

I've just returned from a long and lovely lunch with a charming slave who is in training to be London's best cock sucking slut. 

Over a delicious goats cheese and beetroot salad, with a drizzle of thyme honey, and a couple glasses of prosecco we talked kinks, fantasises vs reality, what it means to be a true Dominatrix and submissive, and the healthiness of having a safe space, and a wonderful Mistress, to share ones most personal intimacies with and in. 

Midway through the lunch the kinky creature confessed to wearing pink panties for this special occasion of meeting me. Unable to show me his knickers in public - damn society and its dullards - I ordered him into the toilet so as to take a picture of said pink knickers for me to see. And what pretty panties they were. I was most amused. 

Sadly because this was a social session I didn't get to play with the cock sucking knicker wearer, but that's ok as I have a dungeon session in an hour with a regular submissive whose like is strong CBT - this being me whipping his cock and balls, beating them, doing whatever I need to do to make them suffer.

Once I've made his cock and balls ache I will put him on the cross for some sensual tie and tease before getting mean with the nipple clamps. Then a hard flogging to finish him off. 

My what a pleasurable Wednesday it is turning out to be.


 naughty slut in his pink panties. 

naughty slut in his pink panties.