end of the summer reflections.

September is almost here and so it seems a good time to reflect.

August brought me a fantastic array of naughty schoolboys, stocking wearing sluts, kinky kinksters, fetishists and pantie clad sissy's, each with their own desires and fantasies.

As was my pleasure I punished, buggered, humiliated, teased, tormented, flogged, caned, paddled, pin-wheeled (etc) these poor creatures. Which, of course, was such fun.

I do love punishing and humiliating you all.

Now looking out to my garden and the rain coming down I'm thinking of how I miss the sun. I normally spend a month or so in Greece, but this summer I stayed in this fine city and it's the fun I had with my naughty BDSM creatures that made this month such a pleasure, sun or no sun. 

And so what of September, what kinkiness will the month bring? I'm intrigued and excited to find out.