debauched and dishevelled: a selfie.

Your Mistress after a terrific discipline session where I gave the errant schoolboy exactly what he needed: this being a sound beating.

In the role of head girl, I caned him, put him over my knee for a hard hand spanking, and gave him a taste of my belt across his bare.

I set the boy a spelling test. I wrote twelve words on the blackboard, (such as chrysanthemum, diverticulitis, et al), and gave him one minute to memorise these. For each he spelt incorrectly he would receive six of my best across his bare. Happily for me he got ten out of the twelve wrong. 

His feedback, "thank you Francesca. You certainly improved my spelling and behaviour. You are as formidable as ever."

Indeed I am. 

 spanking and caning men = a happy Mistress.

spanking and caning men = a happy Mistress.