submissive play

American. Tan pants and white shirt. His accent is Mid-West, all gee and yeah. He is a submissive. He wants domination by a beautiful woman. He particularly likes leg worship. His nipples are sensitive and thus enjoys nipple torture. He says, shyly, about strap-on sucking.

“But Francesca I want you to do whatever pleases you. I am here to please you.”

I'm stood tall and strong, looking down at the naked creature who is kissing my feet. While he is being subservient I use the time to think what I will do to him. I go through my catalogue of BDSM play, with the focus on submissive activities. There was the big, heavy Arab, who came for an hour of foot worship. He had a thing about panting and barking like a dog. I laughed so much in that hour. Good thing he was also in for humiliation. I recall a regular slave who likes to be collared and leashed and then fucked over the whipping bench in the dungeon.

The thing at my feet has stopped kissing my feet and is looking up at me expectantly. 

I bend down and tweak its nipples. “I didn’t say you could stop did I?” 

It's strap on time. I get a harness and fit the rather large black dildo. This done I give my hips a couple of thrusts. It is watching me, all big eyed. 

“Get on your knees.”

He does. I go to him, tilt his head up so he’s looking at me. “Open wide.”

He obeys. I slide the dildo into his open mouth and he goes for it. I thrust my hips, slow, then fast, then slow again. I say to him, "that’s it bitch suck it deep."

He does and moans and groans. He runs his hands over my stockings. Between mouthfuls he says, “I’m sucking your cock. I’m sucking your black cock. Oh Miss, you bring out the bad in me Miss.”

Indeed I do, and I like this very much.