spanked…and more!

Just finished a pleasant hour schoolroom session. He wanted hand spanking, OTK and CP with the cane, along with roleplay where I was his private tutor, his father having sent the errant schoolboy to me due to his falling grades and overall laziness. I, as his strict private tutor, was to discipline him back into shape. I put the lazy creature over my knee and gave him a solid hand spanking on the bare, with him bent over my desk I gave him a good caning over his shorts and on his (red and warm) bottom. I moved between cajoling and tender, and a little teasing, to displeased, stern and downright mean. I do enjoy discipline sessions, they tend to give me more scope to act than a dungeon session. As for the naughty boy, his feedback was, "thank you Francesca for a great session. After a lot of stress these last weeks I finally feel relaxed. I can't stop smiling." Now it's home to catch up on Eastenders. I know, awful isn't it, but, well, we all have our little pleasures, right?