For the love of Roleplay.

I love acting. It is so much more real than life ~ Oscar Wilde
In a session last week we played at shoplifter and policewoman. I handcuffed the thief and lead him by the arm to 'jail'. He protested at the arrest, making him an unruly prisoner, meaning he got slapped in the mouth. This act of necessary violence didn't stop his protestations so I forced it to kneel and whipped its ass repeatedly with a coat hanger. I told the thief it must obey my orders or suffer the consequences. Still it struggled against the arrest. So I tied up it and put it in a closet. I felt it needed time alone, in the dark, and in discomfort to think about its kleptomania actions. When I finally let the worm out it was much more subservient, possessing none of its previous attitude. I made it kiss my feet. And being a, slightly, thoughtful Mistress I poured water into a dish for it to drink.