where you belong.

An extract from a recent humiliation session.

The hour went along the following lines... I played the role of his sister in law. Having recently moved to London I invited him over to see my new place. Dressed in a short black skirt, navy mulberry silk shirt, heels and high gloss black stockings I opened the door and showed him in.

As we made small talk I caught him looking at my legs, and he asked, "so, stockings or tights?" At this point I showed my dominant side..."How dare you ask such a question. I'll give you a lesson about tights and stockings you won’t forget."

I encased him in four pairs of tights, hand spanked his naughty bottom, slapped his face and humiliated him with some well chosen (and vicious) words. Re the four pairs of tights, I’ll explain, two pairs went on his head, one on his legs, the fourth I tied tight round his wrists.

With little fish encased in nylon I made him, on his knees, worship my feet and legs. He took it all like a good (bad) dog should, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

After all, a man’s place is at my feet.