All hail the tawse.

One of my favourite implements of discipline is the tawse, (or the belt as it is also known).

I have one in particular, an authentic example made in the town of Lochgelly in Fife, and reminiscent of the history of Scottish school punishments. My tawse is a real beauty, very feminine and just what a naughty boy needs across his bottom.

There really is nothing quite like the crack of thick Scottish leather across the upturned cheeks of a naughty boy’s bottom. I like to run the belt through my fingers, look a boy right in the eye and see him go weak at the knees when I say, 'I’m going to give you such a thrashing, young man’.

I like to have a boy lying down to take the belt. I make him lie across my desk in the discipline room, his bottom up nice and high, so that I may leather his backside until I am satisfied that he has been sufficiently punished. With the belt starting over my shoulder, I take a full swing, right down my back with the tails almost reaching my bottom before drawing it forward in a flowing arc, letting the weight of the belt do the work.

I also carry the belt over my shoulder, tucked under my blouse, so that I can administer a punishment at any time. If I catch a boy being naughty, I take out my tawse and warm his fingers. One stroke on each hand is an ideal short, sharp punishment for a wayward boy.

 My beautiful, and authentic Scottish tawse perfect for naughty boy punishment. 

My beautiful, and authentic Scottish tawse perfect for naughty boy punishment.