Virgin territory

I saw one today who was completely inexperienced and also a bit afraid of the world of femdom. Despite this he was very aware of his greatest secret desire - to be dominated by a gorgeous woman. It told me that since school it had always felt that women were superior to men because of their sexual power. Hence why it contacted me. It wanted to be erotically controlled. This one wasn’t a masochist. For this one the fantasy was about sexual control rather than physical control. And so I delivered a pain free session. Well, actually, there was some pain, but soft-ish and mostly on it’s CBT and nipples. Pain is a necessary factor in femdom practices and so there must be some. But mostly its because I like inflicting pain on a man. And what Mistress likes… So for our tie & tease session I put it in bondage by tying it to the cross. While restrained I tied up its cock and balls tight with rope before slapping and squeezing at them. We played at edging, where I took him close many times. We did a little pegging just to try it out and see if it liked it, which, of course, it did. Our time went by ever so quickly and I sent it away feeling enthralled, exhausted and most of all a, little bit more experienced in the world of female domination.