Thoughts from a devoted submissive.

“Francesca, as usual, I cannot stop thinking about our most recent session. These are some of the things that I loved most about our time together. I loved you joking and playing with me. But at some point, your expression changed and then I saw the other side of you – the dominant and sadistic side! I loved it when you dominated me while you had me tied upright, stretched with my arms above my head on the cross in the dungeon. The way you snapped on your latex gloves and played with my genitals, talking to me all the while, humiliating me in a joking way for being such a wimp and telling me what you’re going to do to me! I loved it when you put your ball-gag in my mouth (this felt quite humiliating). Of course, the wonderful CP you gave me is what I dream about mostly. Lying there, tied down, on your whipping bench waiting for those beautiful first strokes of the soft flogger on my ass - it gives me such a sexy feeling and makes me feel very submissive. And when you started to beat me - oh Madame!”