A small peak into part of a recent session

I'm in the dungeon getting the session equipment ready: nipple clamps, cock cuff, leather paddle, dragon cane. I’m in bra, knickers, suspender belt, fully fashioned seamed stockings, heels - all black, red lipstick and a spray of Chanel Noir.

There’s a knock at the dungeon door.


Henry does, naked. He comes to me, gets down on his knees and kisses my stockinged feet.

“Thank you for allowing me to see you.”

Henry is stood up, facing me. He stretches out his neck to take the dog collar, moaning in response to the touch of my hands as I fasten the buckle, test to see it’s not too tight and secure the spring clip to the ring. I wind some of the leash around my hand and pull him toward me.

"You're mine."   

"I am yours."....

I’ve put Henry over the whipping bench, restrained, very tightly, by the leather back and leg straps. I am fucking him with a rather substantial black dildo.

In the mirror he watches me have him.

“We look good."

Him - it’s beautiful.

I fuck him faster, harder, knotting my fingers in his hair as he writhes on the whipping bench, jerking his bottom against my thrusts, the dildo.

"Oh God," he moans. "Oh yes. Fuck. Yes!"