coming back to the past...

I've taken up origami again. I did it for a few years as a teenager but dropped it when I thought I was to old for it. Walking through Soho the other day I came upon a Japanese supermarket which, amongst other beautiful, lovely things, sold origami kits. So I got a kit and have been building little paper creations since. Below are examples of my current works.

Now, aside from origami I've been reading One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, sketching some work for a new art project and beating and buggering naughty schoolboys. Life is good.

But, now it's late and I need my beauty sleep, so, goodnight my lovely kinksters. May you all dream sexy, naughty dreams of spanking, caning, or whatever takes your fancy. Stay gold. 

 London Dominatrix for caning, spanking & sexy dungeon BDSM play.