Mistress & I...

During a recent trip to Honour in Waterloo I bumped into Mistress Domatella. While browsing for a suitable cane I heard a very familiar laugh from the changing room, followed by a stern voice, ‘bring me the white PVC nurse’s outfit.’ I thought, ‘surely not’ and popping my head round the changing room curtain, I found Mistress clad only in her stockings, heels and suspender belt.

For those of you who don’t know Mistress Domatella, aka Nurse Domatella, aka Dr Domatella (and shame on you if you don’t) she is one of a few elite London Mistress’ who provide BDSM medical play.

Shimmying into the sexy medical mini dress, Mistress said how the new attachments to her Venus 2000 Milking Machine had finally arrived and how she was keen to drain her next naughty patient later that afternoon in her Kings Cross Kinky Clinic.