On a recent femdom session.

HIM - Mistress Francesca, thank you for our lovely session this afternoon. You looked absolutely wonderful as usual – but even more so because you were dressed in that tiny PVC dress and those thigh length boots! Madame I enjoyed the CP you gave me. Eventually Madame, you whacked me hard at the end and I can feel the heat as I write this message in Heathrow Airport! Madame, I also enjoyed the ball squeezing you did – that was very stimulating. And Madame, when you tied me to the cross I was shaking and wimping so much. Mistress Francesca I do love that feeling when I am being dominated by such a beautiful Dominatrix as you! 

ME - I too enjoyed the CP. When you stuck your ass up to meet my whip, when you showed your submission, that’s when I beat you harder. Re, ball squeezing, I very much enjoy this. CBT is real femdom. To dominate a man that way pleases me. And the cross! Yes, you sure were shaking. I liked seeing that.