Yes Mistress!

One of my regular slaves took these during our recent CP & humiliation session. The session itself was just wonderful. Our play time incorporated some gentle (ish) flogging, boot worship and plenty of CBT -for the CBT I attached clothes pegs to its cock & balls. Ha!

Tied up & at my mercy!

Going through my photographs I found this one. It's one of my favourite shots and I remember the session well. I'd put it in silky pants and then tied it to the floor. With it in bondage and at my mercy I gave it a bit of a kicking before hurting its nipples and balls. Ah such sweet memories. To note, the creature on the floor is one of my many regulars. It just can't get enough of me. Ha!

Relaxing mid session...

I got my worm to take this snapshot before I put him over the whipping bench, tied him up and gave him a solid hand spanking. My little bitch squealed like a piggy...which made me laugh. 

Please Mistress!

A request from a pain slut… "Please Mistress, tie me up and stuff my mouth and ass with things. Blindfold me and hit me hard. Please Mistress. Humiliate me. I’ll beg you to stop, but please don’t. I want you to control me completely."

So…Its mouth I stuffed with a pair of my silk panties. Its ass got filled with a rather substantial butt plug. Once I had it tied up I slapped its face, hard.  Being in control, seeing my slave reduced to a begging, pathetic worm is so very pleasurable. It makes me feel quite ecstatic.

Small Piece Humilation.

Notes from a small cock slave… “Please Mistress, tie me spread-eagled, use my cock as your private play thing, tease and taunt me. Do to it whatever you wish. Humiliate me for the size of my penis. Tie a rope around my tiny cock and parade me around while you laugh at, and tease me.”

Well! I did all of the above. I had a good laugh at its tiny manhood, wormwood. Pulling it by the rope tied round its worm cock I made it crawl, and beg my forgiveness for having such a tiny, useless, insignificant piece. Hah!

Ja! Achtung Berlin baby!

A couple of pictures from last years Berlin visit to Avalon Studios. Such an amazing space to play in. I had a blast, as did my slave!