"Mistress I'm completely inexperienced and also a bit afraid of the real world of femdom. Despite this, I'm very aware that it is my greatest secret desire to get dominated by a gorgeous woman like you. Since school I've always felt that women are superior to men."

Well! Being a Domme is as much about the psychology as it is the domination. It's about understanding what someone wants, even if they don't realise it. It's about encouraging new activities and experiences.

Because domination covers so many activities with a novice it is a case of trying things out to see what works.

You could try face slapping, bondage, strap on play, forced feminisation, from sexy panties to a full transformation, tie & tease...there really is massive scope to play and experience. Corporal Punishment is great due to the physical sensation, during and after session, plus the rush, the endorphin release that comes with CP.

I show a novice these activities and he experiences and decides what works, or doesn't.

I say to explore new experiences and just go with it. Some things you may really dig, some not so, but it will never be a wasted experience. After all how do we know what we like, in terms of food, drink, sex, anything, unless we try it?

I make Femdom play accessible for novices. I'm true to what I do. I want my boys to feel value from what I deliver. This is very important to me.


It was great to spend time with a lovely, happy & beautiful woman. It was a wonderful atmosphere. You made femdom accessible to me with it not being daunting, but keeping up the tension. It was truly electric.
Francesca, I fully enjoyed our session... it was fun and gave me more idea of what other things I may like. The the moment I was glad not to go much longer but in hindsight now it doesn’t hurt so much I kind of wish I’d taken a few more strokes.