I specialise in:

BONDAGE, from light restraining to full hog-tying.

CBT, squeezing & slapping to full ball busting.

ROLEPLAY, play out your femdom fantasies: cruel girlfriend, strict aunt, head girl.

I give the most wonderful CP PUNISHMENT: from hand spanking to cold caning.

STATISTICS: I'm 5.7" without heels. Dress size 6. Size 5 feet.

Wow, that was a hell of a session - so intense and erotic.


I specialise in bondage, from light restraining to full hog-tying. 

CBT, squeezing & slapping to full ball busting.

I love femdom roleplay. I can be your cruel girlfriend, strict & sexy aunt, mean head girl.

Erotic domination, edging, tie & tease, sensual play, orgasm denial.

I'm an expert in corporal punishment, in particular caning, from mild to severe strokes.

I'm 5' 7" without heels, dress size 6 and size 5 feet.

Most of all, I love what I do. Dominating men is always a pleasure, never a chore.


I welcome novices, experienced submissives and those in between.


"Mistress I'm completely inexperienced and also a bit afraid of the real world of femdom. Despite this, I'm very aware that it is my greatest secret desire to get dominated by a gorgeous woman like you. Since school I've always felt that women are superior to men."

Well! Being a Domme is as much about the psychology as it is the domination. It's about understanding what someone wants, even if they don't realise it. It's about encouraging new activities and experiences.

Because domination covers so many activities with a novice it is a case of trying things out to see what works.

You could try face slapping, bondage, strap on play, forced feminisation, from sexy panties to a full transformation, tie & tease...there really is massive scope to play and experience. Corporal Punishment is great due to the physical sensation, during and after session, plus the rush, the endorphin release that comes with CP.

I show a novice these activities and he experiences and decides what works, or doesn't.

I say to explore new experiences and just go with it. Some things you may really dig, some not so, but it will never be a wasted experience. After all how do we know what we like, in terms of food, drink, sex, anything, unless we try it?

I make Femdom play accessible for novices. I'm true to what I do. I want my boys to feel value from what I deliver. This is very important to me.


It was great to spend time with a lovely, happy & beautiful woman. It was a wonderful atmosphere. You made femdom accessible to me with it not being daunting, but keeping up the tension. It was truly electric.
Francesca, I fully enjoyed our session... it was fun and gave me more idea of what other things I may like. The the moment I was glad not to go much longer but in hindsight now it doesn’t hurt so much I kind of wish I’d taken a few more strokes.

Seasoned Submissives

For the experienced submissive I will push you beyond your limits. As in life we all need to be pushed just that little further, to be challenged.

Perhaps you are looking to further explore your pain and pleasure desires. Are you looking to move from a spanking to a good whipping, then that is what you are going to get.

Pushing my boys beyond their limits is key for me. Working with a seasoned submissive is such a pleasure... to be privy to your fantasies and desires... to action you to work harder for your Mistress.



Over the years, the submissive feelings that evolved through my younger experiences have been transferred to being in session with a professional dominatrix.

Words From My Slaves

Dear Mistress, many thanks for our session today - all my hopes were realised.

Thank you very much for today. I definitely chose the right Mistress. The pictures on your website do not do you justice. You are a million times more beautiful and sexy in person.

I so much enjoyed meeting you, and, of course, being caned by you. As well as being gorgeous, you are a lovely person to spend time with. I could have stayed for hours! Thanks again. 

Thank you Mistress. I'm going home on cloud nine.

Your head girl is a marvelous epitome of a beautiful, strict and sensuous young disciplinarian.

Thank you for a wonderful session. The sparks were flying. 

Sexy Texts

I spent an exciting hour with a handsome and charming professor who came to me for a trampling session. I walked on, walked over, kicked and stomped on that one. Then there was the young, nervous novice who didn't know what dungeon activities he wanted. But what he did want was for me to to do whatever I pleased to him. So I decided on CBT, bondage, tie and tease, nipple torture and orgasm denial. In more detail…For CBT I squeezed and slapped and used weights and pegs on the balls. For tie and tease I put him on the cross, clamped his nipples and also restrained him to the whipping bench. When our time was close to an end I moved onto orgasm denial. I made him get close to the edge six times before I finally allowed him his pleasure. And boy what a release that was. So two wonderful dungeon sessions. For me and the slaves. This is the feedback from the young novice. "Thank you very much for today. I definitely chose the right Mistress. The pictures on your website do not you justice. You are a million times more beautiful and sexy in person." Indeed. But don't be fooled. I'm just as cruel and mean as I am sexy.

I saw a novice today who was completely inexperienced and also a bit afraid of the world of femdom. Despite this he was very aware of his greatest secret desire - to be dominated by a gorgeous woman. It told me that since school it had always felt that women were superior to men because of their sexual power. Hence why it contacted me. It wanted to be erotically controlled. This one wasn’t a masochist. For this one the fantasy was about sexual control rather than physical control. And so I delivered a pain free session. Well, actually, there was some pain, but soft-ish and mostly on it’s CBT and nipples. Pain is a necessary factor in femdom practices and so there must be some. But mostly it’s because I like inflicting pain on a man. And what Mistress likes she gets. So for our tie & tease session I put it in bondage by tying it to the cross. While restrained I tied up its cock and balls tight with rope before slapping and squeezing at them. We played at edging, where I took him close many times. We did a little pegging just to try it out and see if it liked it, which, of course, it did. Our time went by ever so quickly and I sent it away feeling enthralled, exhausted and most of all a, little bit more experienced in the world of female domination.

I've just returned from a long and lazy session with my delightful nipple fetishist. After session, as we were getting ourselves back to normal, we got to talking about vulnerability and exposure, and in particular how these two things are such big sensations in what we do. By this I mean who do we share this side of ourselves with? Not many people I would imagine, which is one of the reasons I like what I do. It's about being privy to another side of you, and the trust and respect that comes with understanding, and respecting, your exposure and vulnerability.

I've had two sessions recently that have interested me. The first was two hours of play in the dungeon with a nipple masochist who had the utmost confidence and ease with his fetishes. The second was in the discipline room with a schoolboy who unlike the masochist was embarrassed about his desires. Much of the latter session was me reassuring the schoolboy that his desires, (and himself) weren't weird (his words). Being a Mistress is as much about listening and understanding as it is about spanking and caning. These two sessions got me to thinking about BDSM play and how really there are much worse things that we could be doing. Society may not understand us but at least we have each other!

Two questions I get asked are:

1. Do you enjoy being a Dominatrix? The answer is a definite, yes! Punishing and humiliating you all is always a pleasure, never a chore.

2. What's your favourite BDSM play? This is a tricky one as I love to cane, hand spank, strap on, face slap etc, all in equal measure.

But for today let's look at the joy of caning. Well, quite simply, it's a beautiful feeling to cane a bare bottom, whether I'm administering the punishment over the whipping bench in the dungeon, or the school desk in My schoolroom. Caning a bare bottom, whether the owner is a naughty schoolboy, or a pain slut, does me a lot of good, and after delivering a damn good caning I leave session and enter back into the real world walking taller.