I love that feeling when I am being dominated by a beautiful woman.

It's been over six years since I started as a professional dominatrix and i still love humiliating and punishing and dominating men. i just love doing it. my favourite play is edging - meaning cock play, orgasm control with some tie and tease and tease and denial thrown in. it's a BDSM and fetish mind fuck for the men. I do my domination sessions from london - it's such a great city to find mistress and submissive play - it's the city for kinky BDSM and medical sessions. one thing that bothers me about 2018 femdom play is that we have lost backpage, the best directory for finding female domination and female dominatrix's in all of london. this year backpage got shut down and so we have lost a great way to look for and offer london bdsm services. maybe backpage will come back - i am hoping so. the good thing is there are lots of other adult and fetish listing sites to find professional domme's on - but of course, there was nothing quite like backpage. moving on...edging, a personal favourite of mine as you get to use and abuse men and treat them like the slaves and submissive that they are. owning their cocks and doing cock control and having orgasm control of a man is ace! i edge them close, close, close and closer all the time keeping them on the edge - until i decide when they can finally cum or shoot their loads. backpage didn't have that many listings for edging - most were for bondage - although there was a lot of domination and corporal punishment on offer - like caning, hand spanking and over the knee spanking as well as tease and denial and of course tie and tease - which is much more sensual and erotic than heavy domination - as some domination is about pain, but erotic tie and tease is about edging and sensory BDSM deprivation. if anyone finds any good alternatives to backpage it would be good to hear about them as backpage was so good to find london mistresses, london domination and submissive play and male abuse and slave sessions. 


I love being a dominatrix, it’s really such a pleasure to have a man as your slave, at your complete and utter control. Doing my sessions in London is amazing coz of the dungeons and medical rooms I can play in. I love edging too, is one of my favourite kinky things to do to a man - to tied up, tie him down, or mummy the little creep, the little worm, and then get him hard and then start to edge him, the plan of course, to get him close, close and closer on the edge and all the time he isn’t allowed to cum, not until i tell him that he can. mmmm, yes. wonderful. i am most certainly the best edging dominatrix in london and my play pleasures are bondage, tie and tease, tease and denial, cock play and orgasm control - and all of these kinky play sessions are all about male humiliation and male punishment - about using and abusing men, taking them as my object and that is because women are superior to men. that is what femdom is about - this is the philosophy of female domination - women are better than men - and femdom and submissive play is just one way of generating a submissive male and powerful female power play - fantasy and play opens up so many sexy and kinky avenues and if you are looking for role-play and fantasy sessions with a hot woman in london then you have come to the right dominatrix website. this london mistress dominates men in her bids dungeon. ball busting is a wonderful thing to do, squeezing, slapping and pinching balls - causing the men pain, and hurting them. along with CBT - cock and ball torture, where i squeeze and slap and pinch at their cock - giving them the pain they deserve - seeing as they are just useless men. but one shitty thing about femdom sessions in london is that backpage has been shut down, and this sucks as backpage was the place to find a mistress for bdsm in london and the place to find a dominatrix for bondage, or CBT or tie and tease or edging.  there are of course, so many other listing sites for fetish and domina play in london but they are nothing like what backpage used to be. so i’m hoping that backpage will come back on line, that it won’t be shut down forever but if it is then it’s time to get an alternative and a new listing site for looking for domme, femdom and mistresses in london.

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