I've been a professional dominatrix for over 6 years and the more i do it the more i love dominating men and treating men as slaves and submissive to me, which of course they are - men are always below women. That's why i love domination as femdom is a pleasure, to abuse men and to bust their balls and edge them so close to the edge that they are fucked up is ace. Femdom as mind control is ace. One thing I've very sad about as a professional Mistress is that backpage has now been taken down, which is a really shame as backpage was a  great listing directory for BDSM and Mistress and domina play, as finding a Mistress in London was so easy through backpage. There are lots of backpage alternatives out there so at least that is some hope and i'm hopefully excited that backpage will come back online again. One another note, i get asked a lot what is my favourite type of femdom and domination play, well aside from humiliating and punishing men i like to edge them. i find cock play and orgasm control on men a real pleasure. i often look at as a good source of inspiration for edging and ball busting, a great way to find out new and sexy ways of tying up mens cock and balls and of new and interesting bondage techniques. I often tie a man up on the cross, mummifying them in clingfilm, tying them over the whipping bench, this latter is good for strap on and pegging play -mmm now that's a pleasure, using men and taking their cherry using a selection of dildo's while the men are strapped down and unable to move. it really is such a female domination pleasure to take a man and have him when you want. to add, backpage was where most of the pegging submissives could be found, as well as those into bondage, tie and tease, edging, orgasm control, tease and denial could be found - if you were looking for a Mistress or a dominatrix in london backpage was the best place to find and look for female domination sessions and powerful and strong women in all of london. i also like to tease men and tie them up and fuck with their heads. plus role-play is always a femdom thing to do - i often play at being the strict aunt, or the strict therapist, maybe the mean head girl or mean girlfriend. then i do corporal punishment, like hand spanking and over the knee spanking, or i give the man a good caning, or a flogging with the flogger or a whipping. london is a great place to be a pro-domme, as there are great bids dungeons to play in and interesting fetish clubs to go to.