I was born, raised and educated in London. I've travelled widely and have lived in many places, from sleepy backwater villages in Southern Spain to the high rise chaos that is Hong Kong. I have an MA and am studying for my second.


I'm 5'7" without shoes, size 8 dress and size five feet. I play squash at intermediate level, meaning I'm strong, lean and fit. I trained under Mistress Domatella, one of London's most experienced dungeon, school room and medical Dominatrix. I love dominating men. It's always a pleasure, never a chore.





The In & Out

The In & Out likes it short, sweet and to the point. There's no talking, no niceties. This is hard and fast domination.

The plan is this...I tie you up. I tease you. I edge you. I fuck you up a little.

I make you mine. I may let you cum, dunno, depends on how I feel.

I kick you out.


The Ultimate Sub

The Ultimate Sub knows his place. The Ultimate Sub is my house boy. It does my chores, it runs me a bath, it sits at my feet and dotes on me.

The Ultimate Sub is my collared footstool. Its happiness depends on my pleasure.


The Bad Boy

The Bad Boy is not for the faint of heart.

Whipping, face slapping, ball busting...

The Bad Boy is an adventurer who loves to explore pain and pleasure.


The Cheval Noir

The Dark Horse. In real life the Dark Horse is the shy guy with a secret edge. The Dark Horse dreams of losing control, of pushing his limits, unshackling himself from his societal persona.

When a Dark Horse sessions with me they walk taller. Our naughty little domination secret puts that edge in you.

That edge you so desire.

The French Fancie

The French Fancie adores silk; knickers, slips, stockings...The French Fancie needs humiliation.

It yearns to be dressed up, controlled and owned by a beautiful and dominant woman.

The French Fancie needs some face slapping and spanking to keep it in its place.

It soon learns who's boss.





ball busting

Does what it says on the tin. I’ll bust those balls of yours with high heels or barefoot.


You will kiss, caress and massage me. Understand this! Nothing will be on your mind expect my body and the complete and utter attention and adoration you are giving it.


To restrain you I use ropes and cuffs, duct tape too, on wrists and ankles for kidnap style sessions. For those who really like to be restrained I offer full body cling film play. To keep you quiet I use a ball gag or I’ll stuff my panties or stockings in your stupid mouth.


Enjoy imprisonment in my private apartment. I have a special cupboard I put my creatures in. You will be in restraints, tied up and not very comfortable. I may put a butt-plug up you, gag you or blindfold you. Either way, being locked up and ignored is an ideal way for you to contemplate on what it means to be my plaything.


My CBT play can be mild to hard to very hard, depending on the requirements. I will slap, pinch, twist, pin your cock and balls. I have pegs, clamps, cocks whips, weights.

corporal punishment

CP offers a huge variety of activities. From face slapping or hair pulling to a more serious hand spanking, moving onto a hard flogging and let’s not forget the cane. For the truly brave, snake whips and bullwhips are the harshest CP instruments. I adore corporal punishment sessions. I love seeing my worms in pain. I love seeing their intertwined experience of pain and pleasure. *I can give CP without marking.

champagne & conversation

Are you nervous about seeing me? Would like to get to know me more before arranging a session? Perhaps you’re an experienced player who likes to enjoy a glass of champagne before session. Or you simply want my company.


The most popular play on my menu of pleasures. The big 3 are very sensual activities and are perfect for beginners or for those not into hard BDSM or intense bondage. The focus of Tie & Tease, Tease & Denial and Edging isn’t pain but sensuality. Yes I’ll tie you up so you are unable to move, unable to touch yourself, but the pain connected with other femdom play is replaced here by the erotic. I tease you, touch you, get close to you. You’ll beg for my body but I won’t let you touch it or even reach it. I will edge you oh so fucking close. You will be driven insane with frustration and desire. By denying you what you want, I will make you lose control. I will own your body and mind completely.


I love slapping a slave in the face. I use it in many scenarios, often in humiliation, Tie & Tease and punishment sessions. It's quick, unexpected and powerful. It’s authentic femdom ownership.


You will stroke, massage and kiss my feet. For the more submissive slave, the who wants to stay at my feet for longer you can give me a pedicure.


It’s playtime for sissy’s and sluts. You're into wearing knickers, stockings, bra? I'll dress you up like my little play bitch and then I'll laugh at you in your pretty panties and slutty make up. Using one of my dildos I'll teach you how to gobble cock like a good girl. It's like this! For our time together you are my greedy little pretty sissy.

Wow! That was a hell of a session. So intense and erotic.




SPECIAL! erotic play sessions. £100 / 30 Minutes

TIE & TEASE. TEASE & Denial. kidnap play. EDGING. orgasm play.




£120 / 30 Minutes

£160 / 45 MINUTES






A wonderful session. The sparks were flying. Wow!
Dear Francesca...our session today...all my hopes were realised.
I'm going home on cloud nine.
Your sexy boss is a marvellous epitome of a beautiful, strict and sensuous young disciplinarian.
I definitely chose the right Mistress. The pictures on your website do not do you justice. You are a million times more beautiful and sexy in person.